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• Contest •

The Fondazione Cesare Serono is sponsoring a contest to find a logo for its communications campaign. TTT - Ten thousand T-shirts For Disability wants to promote increasing people’s awareness of disability in its various forms by means of a line of tee shirts.
The objective of the contest is to select the campaign’s logo, to be printed on a series of tee shirts.
“To be disabled still - and too often – means finding oneself at a disadvantage, if not completely excluded/on the outside. At a disadvantage in the school system, in the workplace, in sports and recreation, in social activities, in everyday life. The equal rights and equal opportunities laid down in the Constitution, in Italy anyway, aren’t always (and this is speaking euphemistically) applied.” We quote Gianfranco Conti (Fondazione Cesare Serono’s Director) in support of the campaign.

The aim of the Communication Campaign is to produce a range of tee shirts with illustrations of the various uncomfortable/unfortunate situations in which a person with disabilities might be faced. Buying and wearing the tee shirts means agreeing to and identifying yourself with the campaign, spreading the message and contributing, at least in part, to funding the campaign itself.
10.000 tee shirts is the minimum objective that Fondazione Cesare Serono hopes to reach: hence the title of the campaign TTT - Ten Thousand T-shirts for disability, in need of a suitable logo. The winning logo will be used on all material pertaining to the campaign (including the tee shirts, promotional material and the dedicated website).
The logo should interpret and reflect the nature of the campaign, starting from its name, Ten Thousand T-shirts for disability.

• Partecipation •

The contest will run from April 4-29 (contest deadline extended to May 8 2016)
with the following participation requirements

  • The contest is open to professional graphic artists, those with degrees in communication design or current students from schools, academies and specific majors.
  • A participant may submit up to three proposals. It is also possible to participate as a group, where one member (elected as representative) will register.
  • The proposals (up to three from one contestant) must be contained in a single file.
  • Only original proposals may be submitted; any copied or plagiarized entry will be discarded and excluded.

  • Proposals will be accepted only from contestants who have filled in the registration form in all of its parts.
  • Only logo proposals in .jpg will be considered.
  • The logos must be presented both in color and in black and white, ideally also with the particular defined font.
  • The logo proposal may also be accompanied by a brief (max one page) written description.
  • If necessary, winners may subsequently be asked via e.mail to present the logo in various formats and additional information/explanations may also be requested.

The winner will win